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Argentina leading the Worlds
PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL-(28-1-2004) Soling World Championship
The Hungarians crew ­ George Wossala, Leslie Kova’csi and Pepe Nèmeth won the 4th race on Soling Worlds today at Veleiros do Sul.

Courtesy of Silvio Avila
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Brazilian Crew wins the third race
PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL-(27-1-2004) Soling World Championship
Porto Alegre, Brazil - The day was for Brazilians on the Soling Worlds at Veleiros do Sul. The crew from Rio de Janeiro with Renato Cunha Faria, Ricardo Ermel and Eduardo Cunha Faria won the third race this Tuesday on Guaíba Lake.
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Training Race opens Soling Worlds
PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL-(26-1-2004) Soling World Championship
Porto Alegre, Brazil - The Soling Worlds’ training race was realized yesterday at Veleiros do Sul. The winner was a Hungarian crew ­ Gyenese Balazs, Gyula Monus e Karoly Vezer. On the second the Argentineans Gustavo Warburg, Hernan Celedoni and Maximo Smith and on the third, Fernando Cavalli, Carlos Trein e Roger Lamb from Brazil.
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27 teams arriving between tomorrow and Sunday
PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL-(15-1-2004) Soling World Championship
Porto Alegre, Brazil - Xandi Paradeda Snipe world champion, Soling South American champion in 2002 and a known name in the 470 class confirmed that he is racing the worlds next week.
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hot, fun & competitive fleet at Soling Worlds
PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL-(8-1-2004) Soling World Championship
Porto Alegre, Brazil - Hot wave hits South America, sunny days are in the forecast for the whole summer, moderate winds and one of the best race courses in Brazil are ready to welcome one of the highest sailing level ever at the Rio Guaiba in Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande Do Sul in Brazil.
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Promising Soling Worlds to start in two weeks
PORTO ALEGRE-(5-1-2004) Soling World Championship 2004
Porto Alegre - This new year is now officially started, and the 2004 Soling Worlds approaches fast and promises lots of fun starting January 21st.
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